Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a Difference Three Years Can Make

I received this in an email today, and just thought I would share...

Three years ago, my best friend Aryn from grade school was getting married to PJ.
I was the made of honor, finishing up dental school, looking for Mr. Right.
Romi, the bridesmaid on the far left, was living life to its fullest, always keeping us on our toes.
Now check us out!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

She Doesn't Look Like This Anymore!!!

So she did it!!!
My brave, heroic, amazing friend Lockie gave birth!!!!
After being in birth since 10pm last night, she definitely deserves a huge shout of BRAVO!!!!! You go girl!
Announcing Tristan Douglas Ealy!
He was 7lbs 8 oz.
Now Mr. Cade will have another friend to play with!
God is good!!!
I could hear Miss Lockie laughing in the background, so happiness is present!

I'm finally doing it!!!

Well I have been bugged about this for months now!!!
As I sit here "blogging" one of my best friends-Lockie is experiencing a miracle from God today, she has been in labor now for 12 hours! Lockie has kept a blog throughout her entire pregnancy, and I keep hearing "Pennie, where is your blog, we want to see you prego and hear your stories". So I decided after seeing how amazing her stories have been for the past 9 (TEN) months, I should jump on board!
So here goes!!!!
Our prego story:
Colby and I met November 2006 (yes not even 2 years ago). We fell in love quickly and we're married in October 2007 (yes, we hadn't even known each other for 1 year). Then December 24, we had a great combined family Christmas Eve party, where my mom Vickie and sister-in-law Mandy, courageously drank powerful margaritas with me. Then Colby and I ventured off to have a night of silly "playing around" that lead to something I never would have imagined!!!!
February 8th, I traveled off to Austin to celebrate another one of my best friends Carrie's 29th Birthday. We drank and ate like rock stars back in our college days! It was a great weekend that made us all feel like we had just turned 21 all over again. After a lost Blackberry phone, a very hung over Carrie, and an exhausted for some unknown reason, Pennie, I ventured back to Weatherford.
I returned to Eastland for a long 12 hour day of work on Monday February 11, and a very dear friend/assistant of mine Raquel, inquired about my weekend and if I was blessed with the dear Aunt Flow yet! My response was of course no, and I continued on my merry way, until she (who always has her period with me because of lovely mother nature) informed me she had been off her period for almost 2 weeks now!!! I felt a little bit of panic come over me, but I never let it show!!!!
Then it all happened, I was in the bathroom at my office taking a pregnancy test. And for all of you who have ever taken one of these, you know those two lines, one is the control line to make sure you peed enough, and the other means you are prego. Well the prego line came up WAY before that control line. I almost fainted. But I was sure there must be some mistake, so I immediately took another one, and BAM prego again!!!!! Was this is joke?? No way!!!!
Meanwhile, at home my amazing husband was stressed to all extremes studying for a promotion exam, so I felt I couldn't tell him till that exam was over. So the next day, as I still walked around this world in disbelief, I decided to take a third pregnancy test. Again, can you guess? Prego! So I decided I better share the news with soon to be Papa Colby!
That night, I went out and bought a frog onesie (because of my strange obsession with rib-bits) and Colby's favorite candy, peanut brittle, and wrapped it all up. I gave it to him on February 12 as an early Heart Day present! He opened it, and thought it was an outfit for our dogs, not exactly what I had imagined all day!!!! So then I had to explain!!!! I think Colby was the most excited I had ever seen him, he was definitely more excited than Mama who was still in complete shock with thoughts of what the heck am I going to do about my job, how fat am I going to get, and what the hell are we doing here!!!!!
So then the next week Colby wanted to announce it to our lovely church friends at our Life Group meeting. (Just a short note, Colby and I have joined the most amazing church on earth- New River- in Weatherford, where we have met some of the most genuine, spiritual people you can imagine.) So of course, my brain had not yet caught up with my body in believing I was really prego. So I bought a FOURTH test at Wal-Mart in Eastland on my way home from work. I stopped at a Shell Gas Station in Stephenville off of I-20, Exit 386 to take a 4th test. I strategically placed the test in my pocket, snuck into the ladies room, peed on the stick, and ran back to the car, looked at the test, and of course in less than 30 sec it said I was prego again!!! Well the funny thing about me announcing I was prego to my church Life Group was that I was number 5 in the group, and after a few recent births, now we have 4 1/2 girls prego (the 1/2 explanation is for another day).
So many prego girls at Life Group prego with me, but the fun part is here...
My friend Lockie is in labor as I type, my cousin Jen is due July 21, my friend Romi from high school is due in August, then there's me due Oct 17, my BESTEST friend ever from grade school- Aryn is due Oct 31, and we have a secret prego girl who is due March/April (I will tell later). WOW!!!! How much fun is this all going to be!!!! Babies everywhere!
So yes, we will have a baby before Colby and I have even know each other 2 years!!!! October 17, 2008
Name- Colbie Cade
Colbie= Colby + Pennie
We will call him CADE!!!!!