Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It bugs me to have such a crappy morning

The morning begins with Cade literally bringing me a baby roach in his hands. He always brings me stuff that shouldn't be on the floor so when he came to me with his hands reached out I thought nothing of it but..... Then a baby roach jumps out at me. I scream and Cade looks at me like I'm crazy. Needless to say daddy taught Cade how to kill bugs shortly thereafter.
Just when I think things can't get more exciting in one morning.
So many of you have asked how the potty training is going and overall it's been a huge success. So successful that he's actually using the potty without me. He will tell me afterward that he used the potty so I can clean out his "big boy" little potty.
So this morning he screams at me from the bathroom "poop mommy". So I immediately assume he's pooped in his pants but I was sooooooooo WRONG.
I go into the bathroom and Cade is covered in poop and the real toilet is FULL of toilet paper. So I then realize this undies and pants are clean. So what happened????
Well Cade pooped in his "big boy" little potty and then decided to put the poop in the real potty and he decided to do this by picking it up with his hands. Then he was trying to clean his hands and bottom by himself.
Well of course I couldn't get mad but it was a crappy moment for sure!!!!!!
FYI that's the best title I have ever come up with!!!!!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Langford

So it's official. We are expecting. I was not wanting to share with the world till I was through the 1st trimester but my husband had other plans. I told him about the positive pregnancy test and before I had a chance to even tell my mom, my phone was blowing up with congratulations texts from various individuals! His philosophy is the more people who know, the more who can pray for us. My philosophy is the 1st trimester is scary and that's more people I have to explain to if something unfortunate were to happen. Obviously his philosophy wins!!!!!
So we are 8 weeks. The baby is a bean and has a 141 heart beat.

I have known since I was 4 weeks. I was having extreme low energy levels and all I could think of was eggs. I had one horrible Pilates class and I knew something wasn't right. I had a spa appointment and before my massage I took a test and bam!!!! I sure didn't tell the massage therapist or she wouldn't have given me my massage. But I have no clue if the massage was even good or not because my brain was running a mile a minute with all the future plans I was going to have to change or cancel!
So when did it happen??? Most likely in Napa, I guess the wine worked!

So during our somewhat secretive 4 weeks I ran my 1st and 2nd 1/2 Marathons. The 1st one rocked, the 2nd one killed me, but I finished with 2 pee breaks included!!!!

The long distance running is over for at least a year!!!!
And my request from everyone is prayers for the next 4 weeks!!!! And of course till the little bean arrives, due date and scheduled c-section is 11/11/11!!!!
FYI- Cade's birthdate is 10/09/08!
Cool hu???
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