Friday, September 24, 2010


Please pray for the Knight Family
Missy's an amazing mother, person, and Christian.
Her FB status last night.....
"Samuel received his healing tonight. He is now dancing in Heaven, eating ice cream and brownies. I will forever love and miss my perfect little boy."

Paul says, "we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." Temporary. This too shall pass. And the day on the other side of this night is going to be awesome!

When your heart has beaten for the last time, there's only one thing that God will be looking for at the gates of eternity: Jesus, His Son, with His arm around you saying, "This one's with Me."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Support The Pink Ladies + 1 T-bird!

One person is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes in the United States. That's a pretty startling statistic. No one should have to face this disease, so in order to create a future without breast cancer, I walk in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.

It's a 60-mile walk over the course of three days that raises funds for breast cancer research and community programs. Last year, I had an incredible experience participating in this event. I raised $2300 and met so many wonderful friends along the way.

This year is a VERY special year for me. Sadly one of my favorite aunts was diagnosed with Stage 4, Triple Negative Breast Cancer earlier this year. The news hit our family like a ton of bricks. It makes you realize that at any moment, you or a loved one could be diagnosed with the awful disease.

Walking 60 miles was hard, but I will keep walking until breast cancer is no longer a threat. I walk because everyone deserves a lifetime. I walk because I can. I walk to support my aunt and my family and my friends.

Please make a donation to support my fundraising efforts and this important cause. Then consider making that donation every month for the next four months, using the payment plan option available if you donate online at Many companies have matching gifts programs, so please ask your employer if they will double your donation with a matching gift**.

To make a donation, simply follow the link below to visit my personal fundraising Web page. If you don't want to donate online, you can download and print a donation form from that page that you can mail in with your donation.

I appreciate your support. The walk is the 1st weekend of November so please donate today.
Donate for your mom, your grandmother, your father, your aunt, your child, or yourself!

EVEN $10 will help!!!!!!!

Warm regards,

P.S. I plan on reaching my fundraising goal by November 1, so please don't wait. Donate today!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still in transition....

So we FINALLY closed on our house a few weeks back. We were able to get a Professional Loan with Compass Bank (thanks to Courtney for the advice) and closed in 2 weeks. It's amazing what a different lender can do. There were no questions or concerns, it was smooth sailing. Praise God for that!
So presently we are still in a waiting period.... We are updating the house a lot! From floors to lighting to a new oven to painting to new light fixtures, you name it, it's happening right now. It's going to be gorgeous once we finally move in! This whole experience has taught me SO much about patience! Patience is one of my weaknesses for sure. The projected move in date is September 25, and I need prayers from ALL of you that this will happen!
So presently we are residing in "retirement-ville" as my good friend MP likes to call it! Ha! We literally are the youngest by at least 50 years! This place is where the winter-Texans reside. Most of the people here are either A) going through a separation, B) bored with life C) winter-Texans that have never left or D) all of the above. SO obviously us being in our 30s with a baby is a site for the other residents. We are bunking it up in a little 2 bedroom furnished (year of decoration most likely 1967) duplex that's on a major highway, so we are blessed with road noise 24/7. The queen bed Colby and I are sleeping on forces us to the center, so a lot of "cuddling" and maybe some "love kicks" are occurring nightly! Poor Cade is sleeping in his travel Baby Bjorn crib, and I think he's about fed up with that! I know I sound negative about this whole experience, but honestly it has been quite comfortable, comical and just down-right interesting! Hahahahahaha Our "neighborhood" is called the Texan Guest Ranch, YEE-HAW!!!! It has a Workout Barn and a Laundry Barn, I know you are SO jealous! I can always take any of you on a tour anytime you visit us!

But since my last post, we have had a lot of fun. We visited Puerto Vallarta for Melissa Peters wedding. Her and Adam are now Mr and Mrs Allgood. Yes, they changed BOTH of their last names, so cool. It was a fabulous vacation and a gorgeous wedding. Below are a few pics!

And last weekend we went to Fredericksburg, one of my favorite places to visit. My family and Colby's family all went together. How blessed am I that our families get along so well. I am sure all the wine drinking helped that (in all seriousness, the families really love each other and we all love wine too which helps)! The trip was fantastic and relaxing. I think this may end up being a yearly tradition!

And then Cade showed his Texas spirit this weekend! Hook em'!!!!!!!!