Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Some News

Well I haven't been the best blogger lately, mainly because I am super BUSY with a newborn!
Cade has had a rough few nights, well actually the past 2 weeks have progressively gotten more and more challenging! Cade's favorite hour of the day is 5 o'clock. Consistently at 5PM, Cade begins to literally scream his brains out. Each night has gotten longer and longer and longer. Well after 6 hrs of it last night, my husband and my Aunt Cathy convinced me I HAD to call his pediatrician. So today, we went in for a quick look, and it seems we have found the answer. At Cade's last appointment he was 6lbs 15oz, well today he was 6lbs 13oz, and that was with a dirty diaper, so he probably is even less. So basically, he is STARVING!!! He is breast-feeding well, but he falls fast asleep as soon as he has ate for about 5min. So my pediatrician and I made a joint decision, based on mine and Colby's sanity and Cade's health, formula supplementation will begin!
So I just fed him a bottle of Similac, and he LOVED it. Gulped it down. And guess what??? It's past 5PM and he's NOT screaming. He's fast asleep in his swing. He's the happiest I have seen him in a long time! So for the next 12hrs I will feed him formula and pump. Starting tomorrow I will alternate between formula and breast milk. I go back to the doctor Monday to make sure his weight has increased!
Colby and I have prayed for many nights. And I have cried with Cade for many nights. So I truly believe maybe this is God's way of answering our prayers.
I was feeling a little guilty about supplementation but after a lot of prayer and support from friends (Lockie) and family, I have realized a happy baby equals a happy mom and vice versa!
Below are Cade's pics from his first bath!

And here is what the valley is famous for, their grapefruit! My hubby loves grapefruit, he eats at least one a day. But these are the BIGGEST dang grapefruit I have ever seen. It is bigger than a dinner size plate. He was in heaven! We are loving the new culture and excitement down here!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Cade went to his first Halloween party last night.
Our neighborhood here is very close and festive, which is just great since we don't know anyone here.
He was for sure the cutest kid there, not that I am partial or anything!
His outfit and hat swallowed him, but he still pulled it off well!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cade's Nursery

We finally are un-packed and organized in McAllen.
And I finally have a real nursery!!!

And the little prince loving his bed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lots of News!

First off ...
I went to the doctor today. And so far so good. My fever has stayed down since I started the 2nd antibiotic. I have been feeling amazing again. My left breast is still swollen and red but its so much better than before!
So we are just waiting to see what happens. There are 2 possibilities:
1. It could resolve on its own with no problems.
2. The abscess could come to 'a head'. Meaning it could pop like a juicy pimple! So gross. If I notice that is about to happen I have to contact the doc ASAP and have surgery.
But the good thing is me and the doc don't see #2 happening since things have gotten so much better so quickly.

Next topic...
Cade slept in his bed all night last night. Only woke up once! So great.
So I have to confess to all of you. I made a huge mistake when I brought Cade home. I didn't want to tell y'all because I feel like all of my blog friends are perfect moms and I didn't want y'all to be disappointed in me!
So if you remember I spent the 1st week with Cade at Granny's and Nannie's house. I didn't want them to hear Cade screaming his head off so I started an icky habit and I allowed him to sleep on my chest every night!
So I when I got home, the bed was not his favorite place!
The only catch to this whole breakthrough last night (and please don't freak out all of you amazing moms) is he will only sleep on his tummy. I have tried everything to get him on his back and all he does he scream his brains out. On his tummy he's an angel and just sleeps so well. I cried when I realized this. And I made Colby stay up last night till 4 to watch him breathe.
So every time I lay him down now I pray to God that he will hold little Cade in his hands and protect him. My mom made a comment today that no matter what God's plan is that's what will happen regardless of what I do and she is right. So I just have to leave this one up to Him and have faith.

And last topic...
I accepted a job yesterday. I had two really great offers, one was at another community clinic (somewhat similar to where I was working in Eastland) and the other was at a private practice office. I was really torn because there are so many pros and cons to each working environment. But as soon as I walked into the private practice, I just knew it was the job for me this time. I will have tons of freedom and the pay will be more than efficient. I am very excited to have one less thing to worry about. And I'm not going to start until January, so that's more time with my lil' one!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just when you think things are getting better...

So today started out "ok".
I was only running 99.5 fever so I was so excited!
Well, it didn't stay that way....
So we went to Cade's pediatrician appointment, he's going great and barely even cried during his PKU. He is gaining weight and his health is perfect! My new pediatrician down here is a friend, she is the wife of a guy I went to dental school with. So she made me feel so comfortable, and I am blessed to have her down here!!
But I could tell my fever was climbing during Cade's appointment.
So Colby and the pediatrician insisted I see my new OBGYN down here.
We called and they told me to come in ASAP.
The doctor was great, I was very nervous about that since I LOVED Dr. Gardner.
Well my temp was up to 102.5 again!
And my left breast is so red and swollen.
It still is not affecting my breast feeding. No pain during feeding and the doctors explain it's the best thing to do because it helps drain the area.
So when he looked at it, his main concern was an abscess was forming.
He put me on a 2nd antibiotic and I have to go back tomorrow.
I just got finished putting a heating pad on it, hoping it will help, per doctor's orders FYI.
So I go back tomorrow... If things have gotten worse, they will put me on IV antibiotics at home. But if that doesn't work, I will have to have surgery and that will require me to discontinue breast-feeding.
I have really come to peace with the idea of possibly stopping breast-feeding, because I truly just need to get better.
At this point, I am running 103.5 fever.
So if all of you could take some time today and pray for me I would truly appreciate it.
All I want is to improve so I can be a good mom for Cade.
Breast-feeding, bottle-feeding, IV antibiotics or surgery- I don't care- I just want to feel good for my precious baby.
I will let y'all know the results tomorrow.

And this is lil' Cade with Bugslie, she loves him!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So this morning I spoke to Cade's pediatrician, and it was good news!
She actually encouraged me to continue breast-feeding.
The antibiotic I am on won't hurt him and the breast-feeding helps relieve the pressure from the mastitis. And Cade can't get sick or anything from the mastitis, thank God!
So we started breast-feeding again this morning and it's been all good!
He latched right back on with no problems.
Now I just want to stop running fever so I can be myself again!
Mastitis is HORRIBLE!!!
I pray none of you ever have to experience it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a Night!

So I am up at 1:45AM, and I am MISERABLE!!!
Out of no where, about 3 hours ago, I began to feel like I was truly dying.
I began shivering and couldn't stop.
I was running a 102.5 fever after taking 3 Tylenol.
Colby put me under 5 blankets, and I still couldn't get warm.
I decided I better call the doctor.
Well I am ones of the lucky ones, MASTITIS has blessed me with it's presence.
Breast-feeding has been awesome, no problems, no pain, and I have actually LOVED it.
So when my left breast began feeling sore and hot, I knew that's what it was.
But the crazy thing is, that's not what upset me the most....
I had to give Cade his first bottle with formula.
He loved it! Took to it just like it was his momma.
But I hated it! I wasn't ready to do that!!!! I cried and cried and I am still crying!
So Colby is out buying me a pump and getting me some Keflex.
I feel for my hubby!!!!! But he's being awesome!
So tonight Cade will get formula and I will pump with each feeding.
Tomorrow I will contact my pediatrician to find out if I can start breast-feeding again!
What a night!
If any of you advice on this, please comment me!

Just a Few More Pics

This is lil' Cade before going home from the hospital.

I really love Nannie!

Colby, Cade, and the girls!

My Aunt Aryn gave this outfit to me! Aren't I cute!!!

We are Here

We are here in McAllen!!
We have been working our tails off getting our house together.
It's been so much fun being parents. I never knew how much we would love having a baby around.
It's funny to think we had considered not having children, I can't believe we would have made such a HUGE mistake like that!!!!
God's presence is definitely felt. He has brought us so many blessings!
Cade is great! He's a cuddle bug and his expressions are priceless. He's peed on me a million times! We change his clothes like 3 times a day because of his bathroom business!! And he can sleep through a tornado.
It's been awesome! So much learned and so much left to learn!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Us!

It's hard to believe but 1 yr ago, Colby and I were walking down the isle saying our I-do's.
We never would have imagined what God would bring us in just one year.
The first year of marriage is a challenge, but I would definitely say we had WAY more good times than bad.
The bad times have made our marriage so awesome. It was a time of learning about one another and understanding what God's role can be in our marriage. Without God, our family, our church, and our life group friends- we would not have made it through some of those sticky times.
But it's more fun to talk about the good times. I could write on and on reminiscing about all of the awesome things that happened to us this year, but I won't because I am exhausted from "Cade time"!
So I will just mention a few!
We adopted Bugslie Marie and CosmoPolitan- What lil' bundles of fun!
We visited San Diego!
Colby was promoted! And off to McAllen we go!
And I can't forget to mention lil' Cade! WOW!!! Love is amazing!
So Happy Anniversary to us!
We have so much to be thankful for!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Colbie Cade Langford was born on 10-09-08
Time: 9:25AM
Weight: 6 lbs
Length: 19.5 in
And here is the story:
I checked into the hospital at 8PM on 10-08-08.
And crazily, I was having big contractions about 3-4 minutes apart, but I was still only 1 cm dilated.
So the Pitocin began.
I began vomiting and having diarrhea.
So they then gave me Phenegran and Zofran. Well that knocked me on my butt!!!
Then at 3AM, I woke up to a room full of nurses working diligently. Cade's heart rate kept dropping. So we changed my position, put me on an oxygen mask and the heart rate was up again, but it wouldn't stay that way and I had not dilated anymore.
So about 8AM Dr. Gardner came it to tell us a C-section was the best option, less stress for Cade.
Well the spinal block hurt like hell, but I was completely numb from breast to feet.
Not even 15 min later, I heard the scream of Cade- another of God's blessings.
And it was also discovered that the cord was wrapped around his lil' neck. Which was causing his heart rate to slow down.
He's precious and such a cuddle bug!
We love him!!!!!

Hola World!

It's me!

First Family Photo

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So my first blog date was 6/27/08- lil' Tristan was born that day.
I never imagined my baby would be coming this soon!
So tonight I check into the hospital at 8PM to start my induction.
So sometime LATE LATE tonight or tomorrow we welcome lil' Cade.
We can't wait.
We will post pics as soon as possible.
And then this blog will not be our pregnancy story anymore, it will become "The Life of Colbie Cade"!
Can't believe it!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lucky Us

We have been so blessed the last 2 nights!
Our life group at church has this cool tradition that when a "post-pregnant" lady and her family come home from the hospital after having their baby, we always provide meals for about 3 nights.
Well now it's my turn, but one difference is we won't be coming to this home after we have Cade, we will be headed to McAllen.
So our awesome friends provided food for us before the hospital instead!!!!
Last night 2 couples provided us an Italian Feast and Peanut Butter Pie! And if any of you know me, PB has been my favorite these past 9 months. I probably go through 2-3 LARGE jars of PB a month! YUMMY!!!! And after eating we played Monopoly and Cranium. It was lots of fun! Poor Colby- he has lost 2 games on Monopoly in 2 days now!!! In other words- I have beat him TWICE!!!! We obviously have been attempting to pass the time waiting on this lil' Munchkin to come into this world!
Then tonight we had a couple provide us with the BEST Veggie Pizza and Carmel Apple Pie! SO SO Tasty!!!!!!
So I just wanted to brag and tell you all that we have the BEST group of friends EVER!!!
We are gonna miss all of them so much!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Pregnant Thoughts

So I am bored out of my mind!
I have officially been off work for a week today.
I know this boredom won't last for long. I'm trying so hard to enjoy the time because I know once Cade comes, I will wish I had this time again! But the impatience, anxiety, and excitement are killing me!!!!
Thank God Colby is home to help the time pass.
So yesterday at the doctor, I was told I had not progressed at all. I am still 1 cm and my cervix is still very thick. So she decided to strip my membrane, hu?? Exactly what I thought. All I can say is it does NOT feel good. But I guess it can help some women to go into labor.
Well I am also trying everything you can imagine to kick this labor into gear:
I had a spa day on Tuesday for relaxation.
Colby massages my akiles tendons every night.
I eat Mexican food almost everyday.
I walked 2 miles today.
I'm about to head to a prenatal yoga class.
And something else too, but I'm sure you can figure that out on your own!!
So if you can see, I am ready! The only things I have not tried yet are castor oil and off-roading, but don't be surprised, I'm getting desperate here people!
Seems like Cade may have gotten mine and Colby's stubborness! That could be scary!
So I go back to the doctor Tuesday. Please pray for me. She mentioned to us yesterday if I haven't progressed much, she may not induce me next Wednesday. Which would really disappoint me considering people are flying in, our movers are coming next week, and my back is about ready to give out if I have to keep this 30 lbs on me any longer!
So everyone: PRAY PRAY PRAY PLEASE!!!!!