Thursday, July 31, 2008

Colbie Cade in 3-D

So today was awesome!
Cade was finally seen, and he is definitely a Langford, and he is definitely Colby's son! I am still unsure if I am REALLY his mother, does he have any Moreland in him??? I'm not so sure from the photos we saw today....
But dang he's a cutie!
At first he was sleeping like a rock. He was facing my spine and was being extremely stubborn! So after a lot of twisting and turning, he gave us a view of his gorgeous face!
First of all, he is a boy for sure!
He looks like he has some hair (unlike Colby, hahahahaha). He has Colby's head, Colby's nose, Colby's cheek bones, and MAYBE my mouth (I'm trying to think positively here people).
In the pictures below, his leg and foot are right next to his cute little head. So he's a flexible little munchkin' right now!
And David and Melinda Horn are both APPRECIATED so much, they paid for this amazing experience for us! Thank you and we love you both!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another One Down

Another one down..
Romi had her baby July 25.
She was exactly, to the day, one month early.
So I know you are asking, WHAT?? How much did he weigh? And are they both okay?
Judah weighed 7.6 lbs and both are healthy as a sprout!
So I'm thinking either Judah is an early bloomer or the doctors were a little off!
Lockie was 2 weeks early, Jen was 3 days early, and Romi was 1 month early!
So what does this mean???
I am NEXT!!!
Can you believe it???
Watch out world, Cade is on his way!
Will he be early? We will see...

Romi, Jacob, and Judah

Romi, Aryn, and Judah

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a Great Weekend!

A great weekend:
1) Jen had Kash
2) Colby got his promotion- more time at home with Cade- YEA!!!
3) Got to finally meet Tristan, oh how much I love him!!!! It made me so excited for Cade to come. Lockie is such an amazing mom. I pray I can be as good of a mother as she has become. I was amazed with how well she has adapted. He is the sweetest little boy and he is so dang cute. That's him below sleeping in the car seat and then sleeping in my arms. Oh I LOVE him!
4) Got to spend sometime with my old college roommates. Carrie, Sarah, Lockie and I used to live together in Hyde Park, our third year in college. WOW- there was some major drama back in those days!!!!! From the dry erase board, to bills, to the Speedway Love Potion... and so much more that I cannot mention on here! But we all seem to love each other more than ever! Life is good!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jen Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

My cousin Jen had her baby boy this morning!
Kash JohnFredrick was born at 8:26 AM weighing 6 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches long.
This is Jen's second baby, her first shown in the picture above, lil' Charlee.
So now they have the perfect little family and Charlee gets to be a perfect BIG sister!
Jen and I grew up together and we were only 6 months apart, we were like sisters.
So we are looking forward to Cade and Kash being able to grow up together as well!
They can call each other "brothers from another mother" (I'm so CHEESY).
So one more down, now Romi's next, then ME, then Aryn.
I kinda figure since Aryn is the only one having a girl, all the boys have to be born first so the only baby girl will have some HOT men to choose from!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Last "KID-FREE" Vacation

Well Colby, Cade and I have returned from San Diego- we wish we would have never had to come home.
With weather in the 80's, an amazing cool breeze all day, and the most perfect scenery, why would we ever want to come home to this desert (except we sure missed our pets)!!!!
We decided it was a well-deserved, final "kid-free" (kinda) vacation.
Our journey started out staying on the bay. We were accompanied by my brother- Brad and my sister-Johna, along with their families and we can't forget our cute lil' nephews. Our first night we went to Seaport Village and enjoyed a nice dinner with a gorgeous view of the bay. The 4th was amazing from the village; 3 separate simultaneous fireworks shows over the bay. It lasted approximately 30 minutes; the most amazing technology-aided fireworks show EVER!!!! The following day we visited the world famous San Diego Zoo, which is HUGE and allowed my prego body to get some well-needed exercise, my feet felt like they were going to fall off and my toes looked like Vienna sausages, but it really was awesome!!!!!!! Then the next day we went to the wildlife park, truly amazing! Colby and I got to feed endangered Asian rhinos; they are the cutest, biggest things ever! We saw some amazing animals that I didn't even know existed.

Two nights we visited the cool Gaslamp district, where we were able to eat some great seafood, stuff ourselves with yummy Ghirardelli ice cream, and plenty of Pellegrino sparkling water (since I have literally not had alcohol since Carrie's birthday)!!! We also went to this really great breakfast place called Richard Walker's known for their famous apple pancakes, which you know a pregnant girl must investigate!!! Colby was also able to visit the USS Midway while I spent some time at the Horton Plaza outdoor, multi-level mall.
After bidding a farewell to the family, we were off the Coronado, to stay at a gorgeous beach resort- The Hotel del Coronado.
The best place on Earth!!!!! We could have easily lived there forever (if we had ridiculous amounts of money sitting around, this place can make you go broke quickly). The hotel has been there since 1888, Victorian style, with tons of history. A ghost lives there according to legend, but we never saw her thankfully. There was an adult only pool, which truly allowed us to enjoy no kids for the last time! Outside of the hotel are tons of shops and restaurants, all in walking distance.

So the best part for all of you wanting to hear prego stories- is I finally got to spend some time in a prego swim suit!!!! What a sight, and what an experience. Lockie had tried to encourage me to be brave, and sport my pre-prego bikinis, but Colby as my witness, can tell you that was impossible!!!! The Titty Fairy has blessed me with some extremely enlarged boobies, that my bikinis would not cover enough even for an adult film! So I ventured to the prego tankinis, oh so attractive!!! Move over Pamela Anderson, Pennie has arrived!!!!!

But on a really cool note, we spent some time at the spa, and they had these amazing pillows that allow pregnant women to lie on their bellies while being massaged. A definite must for any of you prego women in your 2nd or 3rd trimesters. It was spectacular.

So back to Coronado- amazing, fun, great food, gorgeous beach (with gold specs in the soft sand), and just freakin' paradise!
Coronado Island is a wonderful place for any of you looking for a relaxing, pampering vacation!

So we are now back to reality!!!! Back to Weatherford, back to Eastland, back to patrolling and teeth!
But now the countdown is on! Three months and 6 days till Cade will arrive! We can't wait!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good News All the Way Around

So there were a lot of answered prayers today!!!!!
First, and most importantly, in my first blog you probably noticed that I stated there were 4 1/2 girls pregnant in my church life group, well now we can officially say 5!!!!! Our friends who had in-vitro fertilization performed found out today that they are officially prego!!! After years of trying, God lead them to a decision that takes tons of courage and faith!!! Next week she will return to her doctor to make sure her hormone levels are increasing. Please keep them in your prayers!!!
Second, Cade has kidneys and his heart is perfect! At our last sono, they couldn't find his kidneys and his heart had a spot on it. Well today, we saw all 4 chambers of his heart working away, and 2 kidneys were present! Meaning he is actively peeing inside me everyday! Isn't that fun to know!!!!
Third, my placenta has moved!!!! Also at our last sono, I was told I had marginal placenta previa ( Well it's now just a low lying placenta, meaning it's not blocking my cervix anymore. More importantly, if it stays where it is, I will be able to attempt a vaginal birth. I know thats a vision many of you would like to avoid!
God is so awesome!!!!!