Friday, November 25, 2011

Claire's 1st Turkey Day

Claire had a great 1st Turkey Day!
We were super classy and went to good ol' Cracker Barrel for lunch :)
Sadly we weren't with any of our extended family and we missed everyone terribly; but we really enjoyed our little intimate day together as a family of 4.
We have so much to be thankful for, including a Thanksgiving Cowboys and Longhorn win!

Oh and for all my girls out there that are wondering where's Claire's Turkey Day outfit? Well we had 2 adorable choices, and sadly both of them SWALLOWED her! She is barely fitting in her Newborn clothes, she's itty-bitty, and we LOVE it!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Claire has ARRIVED

The date was correct, the birth plan was NOT correct......
I was scheduled for a simple c-section at 7:30 AM on 11/1/11. I was suppose to arrive, get my spinal, meet my baby and have a nice, simple, painless birth...... well.......
10:00 PM- headed to bed with everything packed and ready to go the next morning after a great night of Trick or Treating

10:30 PM- feeling cramping like I have never felt before
12:00 AM- I wake Colby and tell him something isn't right and that I am going downstairs to try and relax
1:30 AM- I could not take the pain anymore, the cramping was coming every 2-5 minutes (I never went into true labor with Cade so I had no experience with these symptoms)
2:30 AM- get to the hospital, check in (which was surprisingly not too long), get hooked up to the monitors, having contractions every 1-2 minutes, find out I am in active labor, instructed with every contraction to NOT push, how people go through this without pain meds is crazy to me!!, the nurses immediately call the doctor
3:00 AM- doctor arrives, wheeled on back, spinal placed (praise God for that), csection and tubes tied, baby arrives at 4:11 AM :)
labor= 5hrs, c-section= 50 min!
Braylee Claire was 6.7# and 19.5 in
Dr Vela was AMAZING, and the hospital staff was FANTASTIC!
Best moment ever- the spinal :) and when Dr Vela announces that Claire has a head full of hair!