Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sea World, Cade's 1st Real Vacation

So Cade has probably flown more than most average Americans, BUT, he has never been on a real vacation.
We decided it was time. With a little convincing from The Horns, we were ready for this boy to have some fun!
Cade is basically obsessed with fish, he loves saying the word fish, although it really sounds like "ish". But we get the point.
Here are some pics! As you can tell, he did not love the life-sized penguins, he loved the dolphins, he loved the aquariums, but most of all he LOVED HAYDEN HORN and Daddy Horn!
It was a great trip!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miami, Cruise, Mother's Day Celebration

We had the best 10 days EVER.
It started off by flying from McAllen to Houston to drop off Cade with Aunt Cathy. And of course, I was able to enjoy me some Gringo's!
Then the following day we flew to Miami! We stayed at the AMAZING hotel- Fountainebleau on South Beach. We were so lucky to be able to see our friends- Joslyn and Jayson- they drove down from Gainesville, FL to visit us. We had such a great time together!

Then after 2 nights of living-it-up in Miami- we boarded our ship Carnival Destiny. It was so great to get away, away from life, away from phones, away from the internet, away from work, away from all of the stress we encounter everyday. It was just refreshing to watch our boat float away from land!
South Beach as we were departing

Here we go!!!!

Our 1st day was at sea as we headed South, which means we RELAXED. We had massages, napped, shopped on the boat and just chilled!

Then our 2nd day, we woke up to Grand Turks. What a GORGEOUS place! We snorkeled, visited the stingrays, and enjoyed Margaritaville!!! I kissed the barb (the stinger) of the stingray, which they say promises 7 yrs good-luck so I kissed it twice!!

Then we turned north on our 3rd day and woke up to a private island named Half Moon Cay (pronounced Key not Cay). This place was seriously paradise. Only 30 people actually live on the island and it is only 6 miles long, 2 miles wide. Super small and our favorite island by far! The water was as clear as the water in a pool. While visiting the island we rode horses and went horse-back-swimming! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our 4th day we landed at Nassau Bahamas. Much more developed than either of the other islands we visited, but still gorgeous!
We were lucky enough to swim with the dolphins at the Atlantis Resort. It was one of the neatest things I have ever experienced. Swimming under deep water with them by your side, is breath-taking. If you ever have the chance, please swim with dolphins! And we loved the Atlantis too, we are considering taking Cade there next summer. Very pretty place with a lot of kid-friendly activities.

When we arrived back to Miami- 5 days later, we were itching to see Cade! 7 days without our little hellion is not easy! Here's Colby with the present we bought Cade! HAHAHA!

On Saturday night, after arriving back in Houston, we visited family at dinner for a Mother's Day / Kim (cousin) Birthday Celebration. My mom came into town as well, and I loved seeing her and my Aunt Cathy on Mother's Day, so special!! We had a great time. Our family has finally come back together, and I can't explain how important that is to me. Family is so important!

After writing this blog, I realize I am so blessed with a wonderful husband, wonderful marriage, wonderful son, and wonderful family! I am so thankful Lord!