Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday and Teeth but No Pics

Colby's birthday was Thursday April 16. He turned a whopping 32!
We went to an amazing dinner on Friday night at a cool steak house here called Lansky and Brats.
Well here's the story:
Colby has never had Kobe beef. I encouraged him he should at least try it. When I ate meat, it was the BEST in my opinion. So he got it, and yes, he agreed with me, it was out of this world. So we continued enjoying the meal, which was on the same line as Morton's, in other words, AMAZING!!!
Then I got the bill..... The prices listed on everything were completely reasonable for a steak house, and actually a little lower than normal. But I saw the total and gasped, yes gasped. Colby's amazing Kobe steak was $160, yes people ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS!!!! The menu listed Kobe at "market price". WOW the market is proud of its Japanese Kobe beef!!!
We laughed and laughed and laughed. He's only allowed a roll and water at each outing for the next month to make up for his $160 dollar steak!!!

And when we got home, I noticed something cool, Cade had a tooth sticking out, and the other one is right there under the gum tissue. I knew he was teething because he chewed on everything, but I was expecting fever and tantrums, which never happened. I guess he knows I am a dentist and I would take care of him.
So yes, I am going to go buy a finger brush this week, and teeth brushing will begin.
Poor kid doesn't stand a chance!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where has the time gone???

Yesterday Cade turned 6 month old.
I remember February 11 2008, finding out I was prego, and crying my eyes out.
Colby and I had only been married 3 months and we had decided to not have children.
Well I cried for months while Colby was surprisingly beaming from the news.
I just knew I was having a girl, and at about 20 weeks, my gut feeling was proven wrong, we were having a boy.
We named him immediately while the sonogram was still taking place and we left the doctor's office that day and bought his blue camo bedding.
I all of the sudden was so excited I couldn't wait to meet him.
October 8th I checked into the hospital, October 9th I had a surprise c-section and finally met little Cade.
Now it's been 6 months and I can't believe how fast time flies.
Those first few weeks were very challenging, but I wouldn't trade these past 6 months for anything!

6 month stats:
16.14 pounds
26 inches long
16.5 inch head circumferance

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bouncy Bounce and Beach Baby

We have had Nannie and PawPaw here for a week.
It was so nice having them here. We miss them so much in between our visits.
When Cade sees them he just lights up.
For instance, he has loved his bouncer, but he has never bounced in his bouncer.
They arrive and check it out. Tigger has arrived! (Well Tigger Jr, Tristan Ealy is the REAL Tigger)

When we took Nannie and PawPaw to the airport in Harlingen to say our sad good-byes, we decided to head on over to South Padre for Cade's 1st beach trip. Its' nice being so close to the coast. And Cade LOVED the beach, I think he will be a true beach baby!