Sunday, February 6, 2011

Parker and Cozumel Dental-style

So I have been BEGGING for a BIG dog since we now have an acre and I felt we had plenty of space. I also wanted a puppy I could train to run with me (that will begin after the 1/2 Marathon training is over in March) So in Christmas, Colby surprised me with an envelope. The envelope had a pic of the cutest boxer pup ever. He was currently living in Arkansas and his was named Romeo. Well he flew into McAllen and his name immediately changed to Parker (Parker bc that is the county Colby and I met in). He has been so much fun!!! Him and Bugslie are BFF which has made Cosmo more of a momma's girl than ever!!!!
This is pic from the breeder that I received on Christmas morning:

And now he fits right in!

And recently I went with my "Boy BFF" Austin on a cruise to Cozumel for a dental continuing education course. Only thing I learned the entire weekend is that I love sleep and I love tequila!!!! Sadly the course was very very very basic, or maybe my dental school was very very very advanced, or maybe I am just very very very smart..... Hehe

And we loved this crazy boat ride! Enjoy!!!