Monday, March 23, 2009

DFW Visit & MawMaw's Birthday

We had an AMAZING long weekend.
We left Thursday from the Valley and flew up North to our old stomping grounds- DFW.
Here's Cade chillin on the plane

When we arrived we headed to good ol' Uncle Julio's for yummy Mexican food (since we don't get enough of that down here) and Ritas, yummy Ritas. It was so great to see my best buddy Austin. I miss him so much!!

On Friday we headed to our old hometown Weatherford. It was great to see old friends. We saw my old trainer Micah and then visited with my close girlfriends from Eastland- where I used to work. My friend Raquel brought her baby Isaac and I was able to kiss his sweet little cheeks. Colby and I wish we could have been able to see more of our friends but time wouldn't allow us to. BOOOOO!!!!

Saturday we traveled over to Newcastle, TX- where Colby grew up. It's a cute little-bitty quaint town, Colby graduated with 13 people if that explains anything! We went to celebrate MawMaw's 80th birthday. She sure doesn't look or act 80. The party was a success! She had so many visitors. Colby also had a great time. Many of his friends came to see him. He really misses all of his friends and family. As you can tell, Cade still was the star of MawMaw's birthday party- and that's exactly how she wanted it!!!!

Cade was SPOILED ALL weekend by his Nannie and PawPaw. Below are pics of him loving life. He also met his MeeMee for the first time this weekend. He's the luckiest kid in the world!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

5 months

Cade's growing up too FAST!!!
5 month check-up:
15.13 pounds
25 inches long
He's still only in the 25th percentile for everything. But he's BIG to us!!

Below are some pictures of last weekend in Austin. We had a great visit. Another birthday party and his first time to meet Aunt Carrie. Cade LOVED her!!!
And Granny came to see him of course!