Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good News or Bad News First?

Well I always ask for the bad news first, so I'll do the same for y'all....

Our poor little Cade. He just can't get better fast enough.
It started with a cold almost 3 weeks ago. Then that turned into a double ear infection. And now he has the WORSE cough EVER. It wakes him up almost every 2 hours and yesterday the daycare called to tell me he had been coughing for like 3 hours straight. He still has no fever, he's still eating, and he's still in great spirit, but it has literally become so exhausting for us all.
So yesterday we started Albuterol drops and breathing treatments through a Nebulizer.
Thank God they have invented a Nebulizer with a pacifier because the mask was a "no-go".

The good news starts with that he only woke up once last night. So hopefully these treatments are going to work.

The other good news is that we have had two amazing weekends in a row.
Cade has been a hit with everyone.

Two weekends ago, Nannie and PawPaw Langford came to visit. He LOVED them both so much. Even though he wasn't feeling great, he loved all of the cuddling and kisses. He can't wait to see them again in March so he can get some more lovin'.

Then last weekend we trucked on up to Houston. Cade and Bugslie decided to pass the time on the drive up by hanging out. Yes Bugslie is IN the carseat with Cade!!!

We went to visit for multiple reasons. First was so Cade could meet his future wife. Her name is Anna. My best-friend Aryn had her baby on Oct 31 and since Cade was born only a few weeks prior, we were unable to be at each other's births. So Cade and Anna FINALLY met and it was love at first sight in my opinion!

Next we went to visit family. My mom's side of the family all got together and it was so great. Luckily my dad and Karen were able to come see us too. I love my family!!!!

Then we ended the weekend with friends, wine, and laughter.
Below is Judah & Romi, Aryn & Anna, and Me & Cade. (We all went to Pearland High School c/o 97)

And don't forget- REAL men LOVE pink (Cade loved Anna's pink chair)!!!

Once we got home, Cade crashed on the couch with his sisters! What a crazy few weeks!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Does It Ever End???

Poor little Cade had a really rough weekend.
The cold just doesn't seem to be going away!!!
We had Colby's parents in to visit, which was a blessing because they helped me love on him continuously.
So we took him to the doctor yesterday to check his lungs and they were still clear, but his ears were a little questionable. With all of the congestion, there were worries his ears were becoming infected.
Well today the daycare called me and sure enough..... Cade had been screaming and crying all day while tugging on his little ears. Still no fever and he's still eating, so that is a blessing as well.
So now Cade is on prescription cold medicine and an antibiotic- Amoxicilin. And Vicks Baby Rub and saline mist for his nose.
Please pray our little munchkin gets better soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I hate colds!!!

Poor little Cade has had this STUPID cold for over a week now.
We have tried everything!!!
1) Suction bulb- which he hates and I would too! And the snot is so thick that I can't get anything out!
2) Saline drops- which he also hates and I would too again! Try putting drops up an infant's nose, real fun let me tell you!
3) Cold mist humidifier- I guess that may help???
4) Vicks rub on his feet, chest, cheeks- we've tried it all!
5) Inclining his bed! Good idea, but not so great! I woke up at 3AM and couldn't see Cade on the video monitor because he had rolled to the bottom of the bed. He was just snoozing away at the bottom of his mattress. It's funny now, but it FREAKED me out! And I BARLEY inclined it for all of you asking!!!
6) Warm baths
7) Steam from the shower
8) Vicks plug ins- this cool thing you plug in and it emits Vicks vapor smells!

So after a week of this crud- Cade has now lost his voice. Not that he really talks, but his cries and his "cooing" has an interesting sound. He is so hoarse! Poor little guy!!

So the doc called in some medicine for him today. Let's pray it helps!!!!
I know you are suppose to let it run its course, but I have allowed this course to run long enough!

Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Months

Cade went to the doctor today for his 3 month check-up and because he has an icky cold, BOOOOOO!!!!!
But luckily he has not been running any fever and he is still smiling and laughing, happy as can be!!
They checked him for RSV- he was negative, thank God!
And the cold is all upper respiratory- his lungs are clear as water!!!

He is growing like a weed still, but honestly he still is a little peanut!
Weight- 13.6 lbs (50th percentile)
Height- 23 inches (20th percentile)
Head circumferance- 15.25 inches (10th percentile)

So tonight we will be using a humidifier and putting Vicks on his itsy-bitsy feet.
Hopefully he will wake up and all the sniffles will be gone!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I Made It and I Made the Right Decision

Me and Cade before my 1st day back

So I made it through my first week back to work.
Not only did I survive, but I realized I made the right decision.
By right decision, I mean I accepted the correct job.
If you all remember, I had two really great offers, but a lot of prayer lead me in the right direction, thank you God!!!
My job is awesome.
I LOVE it so much.
I have a great staff and my boss is amazing.
It's so great to only drive a few miles instead of 150 miles a day.
And it's so nice to get respected as a dentist.
Even though I am bragging like crazy about my new job, I do still REALLY miss the girls I worked with in the dental clinic in Eastland. But we will all always remain friends.
Life is full of change, and change has been really positive for me this time!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Play Date and Other Stuff

It has finally happened... Cade got to meet one of his future best friends.
If you all remember, Lockie's birth to Tristan is what inspired me to start this blog.
Tristan wanted to play, but Cade is still too young to understand what the heck is going on!!!

Tristan and Cade

Tristan and Cade Again

Lockie and Cade

Tristan loving Cade's Fishy Swing

Cade started school last Monday. I decided he needed to start a week before I go back to work so I could adjust!! I did ok, no big tears surprisingly!!
He has done so well! He loves it. The teachers say he's a great baby who loves to eat and loves to be Mr. Observant!!!

Cade on his first day of school- December 29, 2008

And here are a few other pics we took during all of our family visits over the holidays!