Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 Day Potty Training

With all my friends advice, I decided to do the e-book called the 3 Day Potty Training. Cade is 2 years and 5 months old, it's time! Most of the kids in his class are in undies and he tells me every time his diaper is dirty. I have decided to blog the entire 3 days so you can decide if this is your ideal program. I will update it often so you can follow my adventure. So here goes......

Tonight I completed reading the book, easy and quick.
Realized I can't leave my house for a full 3 days.
Must stay with Cade (by his side) for a full 3 days.
No training undies, no pull-ups- NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
We have a potty chair upstairs and we have potty ring with a step stool downstairs.
We have Cars, Choo-Choo, and Disney undies.
No park, no walks, no outings for 3 full days :( no working out...
Praying that I can do this!

Day 1:
8 am- Cade threw away diapers.
Already sick of saying "Cade tell mommy if you need to go pee-pee"
9:15 am- 1st accident of pee-pee. Tears and upset.
9:17 am- Less than 2 minutes later 2nd accident of remaining pee and a good poop.
9:36 am- Pee- pee accident.
10:18 am- pee- pee accident. I'm thinking- seriously????

Cute pic if he'd actually pee

10:51 am- successful pee-pee in potty. Bravo!!! Hugs and tractor sticker!!!!
11:45 am- lunch is over, which means nap time. No pee-pee in potty. Read book. Then pee-pee in potty. Elmo sticker!!! And now asleep on puppy potty pads. We will see if he wakes up dry. Fingers crossed!
12:50 pm- woke up dry. Wouldn't pee in potty.
1:02 pm- pee accident
1:15 pm- poo accident- mom losing it a bit.....
2:38 pm- pee-pee success. Outside time as a reward.
3:20 pm- tried being really cool and teaching him how to pee in the grass, guess that's a father/son activity...
3:30 and 3:33 pm- little dribbles in the potty
4:12 and 4:15 pm- Cade states he needs to potty but no production
4:17 pm- Pee-pee success. Movie time!
5:55 pm- fell asleep during movie. Woke up dry. Had a big pee in potty!!!
6:50 pm- another pee-pee success
7:20 pm- a little dribble in the potty
8:10 pm- a slightly damp undies but a successful pee-pee in the potty
8:58 pm- potty before bed success!!! Explained to cry for mommy if he needs to potty tonight. Have the puppy potty pads down.
Can't lie today has been exhausting. Have not left Cade's side all day. Asked him constantly to tell mom if he needs to pee. I did break the rules a bit and I took him to the potty pretty constantly even if he said he didn't have to go. I must say, so far my little tweak has worked. And I also bribed a bit (which it also states not to do) by promising to play outside if he pottyed, and that worked too. So again this is just what has worked for me.
I am so ready for an hour or two of me time before I crash out. The blog will continue tomorrow!

Day 2
3:10 am- crying Cade. Accident in the bed :( I could tell it was old pee bc the sheets were cold and his undies were only damp. So who knows how long he had slept in it. Took to potty, no production, went right back to bed.
8:05 am- woke up dry :) pee-peed in potty!
9:40 am- no potty. Holding poop. Scared to poop in potty. Never thought pooping would be a frightening thing.....
10:00 am- peed in potty.
10:15 am- poop accident. Very very small though. And he told me immediately. Tried to get him to finish in potty, still refuses

Trying to keep the munchkin occupied

10:50 am- pee-pee in potty
11:50 am- pre-nap pee success
1:05 pm- woke up dry. He made me so proud, we had a pee-pee and a poo-poo which resulted in 3 stickers and outside time!!!! I wanted to take a pic but I thought that might be too much!!!!! Hehe
2:50 pm- another pee-pee success.
3:40 pm- pee-pee in potty now outside having a snack!
4:45 pm- potty and more outside time with our feet in the pool

5:50 pm- pee-pee in potty before bath
6:45 pm- pee-pee in potty after playing in bath forever
Something I forgot to mention this morning: So even after my friends told me NOT to do this, I did it for some odd reason. Last night I woke Cade up around 11pm to potty. It was misery! He was out of it and so disoriented. Of course there was no success in pottying, so FYI, don't do it. Like they always say "never wake a sleeping baby".
7:20 pm- poo-poo accident. Made me so sick. Gross. Thought I was going to vomit. Hard to not get mad but I held it together.
7:22 pm- pee-peed in potty while I cleaned poop undies.
8:10 pm- peed in potty
8:55 pm- peed in potty before we took our housekeeper home
9:10 pm- peed before bed. Sleeping on puppy potty pads again. I will not wake him up tonight. Hoping for a dry night.
Also praying for a complete breakthrough with the #2 tomorrow. I'm not liking the poop undies. Nausea big time....

Day 3:
7:55 am- hear little pitter-patter of Cade's feet running to my room. Undies dry!!!!! Lonnnnnggggg pee in potty! Bravo bravo!
9:45 am- peed in potty
In the car- totally against the rules, we aren't suppose to leave at all but sometimes you have to bend the rules. We have a puppy potty pad in his car seat and 2 change of clothes. Praying I don't mess up the success.
11:10 am- Cade would not pee at gas station, but still dry!
1:00 pm- peed at Whataburger
2:50 pm- peed at Sam's (notice still no poop), told me in the car he needed to pee, but told me he could wait a little bit! cutie!
4:00 pm- pee pee accident, honestly my fault, good advice for everyone: take your child to pee before and after every car ride! sadly my phone rang as we drove up to the house, unfourtanetly it was regarding a sad situation in our family, i couldn't hang up, and that's when Cade had the accident, right outside the car :(
6:00 pm- outside, Cade told daddy he needed to POOP!!! and yep he sure did- in the POTTY! pee and poop success! 3 stickers for that one!

Cade playing with the bubbles daddy brought home as his potty present!!!!
8:50 pm- no pee-pee before bedtime but I am assuming he did it while taking a bath :), woke up dry though!

So, would I do this program again???? Most definite. I will admit Cade was ready so I feel that made it a little easier. He is now telling us when he needs to go. I expect some accidents here and there, but there will be no diapers or pull-ups on Cade's butt again anytime soon!!!
My most favorite part of this program was all the time I spent with Cade- we read books, played ball, watched movies and just had a blast!

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