Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a thought....

So I am sure most of you are aware, but I am walking the 3-Day Walk against Breast Cancer.
The event is Nov 13-15 and I am participating in the Phoenix Event because my sister lives there, and this whole CRAZY idea was hers!!!
We will walk 60 miles in 3 days, yes I said SIXTY!
We will sleep in pink 2-person tents each night.
We will take showers in huge trucks- not sure how this works yet.
We don't know our route, we find out when we get there.
We have to train every week, lots and lots of miles.
We will be with thousands of complete strangers.
We will be sore, in pain, have blisters, and just OUCH!!!!

But today brought a whole new light to this entire event.
I received a prayer request on my Facebook page for a family. I read and read and read this family's blog. I kept going back further and further to see why this was happening to this family. After about 5 pushes of the "older posts" button I read it- Sara has breast cancer. No I don't know this family at all, but my eyes just flooded with tears. It emotionally just got the best of me.

Basically it made me realize the challenge I am about to face is nothing compared to this family's ordeal. She is such a gorgeous, beautiful woman, wife, and now mother. Prayers are headed their way by millions.

So I have dedicated my walk to Sara Sullivan. I will think of her every moment of that walk.
Every woman deserves a lifetime.
So this walk will be my way of supporting an amazing cause and obviously millions of amazing women.


Cade's Labor Day Weekend

While mommy was in Seattle.... Daddy and Cader Bob visited Nannie and PawPaw.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seattle and Beanie

Went to Seattle for Labor Day weekend with my best bud Austin to visit our fellow dental school friend Amrit. She just bought a home in West Seattle and its so cool and in an amazing area!!!
It was a blast from the past for sure!!!

And here Cade is sporting his Halloween beanie! He's trying to look scary :)

Also Cade had his 1st ride on a HARLEY with his PawPaw Chip! Not really, but he's practicing!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Box Again

Like I said..... Cade loves boxes.
This is Cade in his box at daycare.
I love his teacher, she always sends me cute pics ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bad, Bad, Blogger

So with Facebook, work, church, life, bible study, football season and being a mom/wife, sadly the blog has fallen WAY behind.
I am going to TRY my hardest to keep up with this better because so many wonderful and fun things have been going on in the Langford household!

Cade loves boxes, just like his daddy did when he was a baby:

In July Cade had his pictures taken, here are a few others that I just got from my photographer, whom I love by the way!!!

The day after Cade had his pictures taken he got Pink Eye, since my son catches everything imaginable...

In August we went to Graham to visit my family (Grubb's) and Colby's family (Langford's). Yes, both of our families are originally from Graham, and I know what you are thinking, and NO we aren't related!!!
And Cade went on his 1st 4-wheeler ride, daddy was beaming!!!!

In August we also had a romantic getaway to Fredericksburg. It was amazing!!! We hiked Enchanted Rock and followed that with wine tasting. You can see the wine lead to a new pair of boots that I just had to wear! Yee-Haw!!!