Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bubbles and More Bubbles with a little Chelsea Thrown In

So Cade has found a new love! He loves BUBBLES!
We can keep him happy for a LONG time with Bubbles!!!!!!

Last weekend Colby and I went to Austin to celebrate his 33rd birthday. Cade went to stay at Gigi's (my mom). We stayed at the amazing Driskill Hotel and loved every minute of it. On Friday night we went to see Chelsea Handler. She was hilarious. Love that lady. Saturday morning we woke up to room-service in bed, followed by massages, and then a BBQ with some friends. That night we enjoyed eating at the Driskill and then Sunday we woke up late and loved the sleep!!!!

So the more bubbles comes in here....
When we got home, McAllen had gotten A LOT of rain! Our water fountains outside smelled HORRIBLE from all the water sitting there for so long. So Colby had this AMAZING idea of putting some dish washing soap in the them to "clean" them out. Well here is the result.......... LOVELY!

"BUT IT SURE DOES SMELL GOOD" - direct quote from my husband

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a fabulous Easter! We are so thankful everyday for God sacrificing his son for us. What a tough decision to make as a father. I can't imagine the pain he felt when watching his only son die on the cross. But have no fear, Jesus came back, and how AMAZING is that!
Cade woke up to an Elmo Easter Basket! He could have cared less about the candy, he wanted to throw the plastic eggs as he said "ball, ball, ball".

Then we headed to church, went and ate some good ol' Cracker Barrel, and came home for a much needed nap!
When Cade woke up, to his surprise the Easter bunny had come by and left him some eggs and a pool!!!!
He HATED the pool but loved hunting the eggs!!!

We sure wish we would have been closer to family and friends on this very special holiday. Hopefully next year that can happen!