Friday, October 16, 2009

Coolest Pic Ever...

Teacher Kesia created this pic for us.
She is such a blessing!
We all agree Cade belongs on billboards!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cade's 1ST Birthday and Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

This past Saturday we celebrated Cade's 1st Birthday. We celebrated at my bother Brad's and his wife Cynthia's house in Austin. We are so blessed to have such gracious family members- thank you so much for letting us use your home!! Brad was our griller and Cynthia was our chef- they are both fantastic people! We love you guys!!!!!!!!!
There were sooooo many people there, many of whom I did not get pics of (Carrie, Lockie, Warren, Tristan, Melissa Peters, her main squeeze Adam, my sister Johna, and many more I am missing)
It was a very successful party, lots of food, sangria, beer, cake, ice-cream, cupcakes, candy, balloons, presents, etc, etc.......
Loved every minute of it! I know we will have many more fun parties to come!
Elmo loves you and so does his goldfish Dorthy!

4 days after Cade turned 1, we celebrated our 2nd yr anniversary.
It seems like we just never get to really celebrate, last year I was drugged up after a c-section, breast-feeding every 1-2 hrs, and I just had no interest celebrating anything!
This year my hubby got stuck working. Doing undercover crud!!! But he loves the scary stuff!!!
So we are celebrating on Saturday night, we are headed to a great steak place, and no- there will not be any Kobe beef this time!
Here are the flowers he sent to my work! Good man! I love him!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let the festivities begin....

Today began the start of Cade's 1st birthday festivities.
We had cupcakes at Cade's school. We also learned that Cade does NOT like balloons, which should be interesting at his real party this weekend considering we have a life-size Elmo balloon, I'm sure those pics will be interesting!
His teacher Kesia bought Cade his 1st build-a bear, and it's in overalls, just like Cader Bob wears!!!

Also I added a video of him taking some steps.

More pics to come after his party this coming Saturday!!!! I still can't believe he's already going to be ONE!