Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas- First Half

We had an amazing First Half of our Christmas....
We went to my dad's parents, my grandparents in Bastrop for Christmas Eve. It was the first time my grandparents met Cade- so important to me!!!
Then we headed to my brother- Brad and his wife- Cynthia's house in Austin.
We will stay here until Sunday and then head back to the Valley.
It was such a great celebration.
We wish it was possible to be with all of our family for every holiday, but as we all know, we can't be that lucky!!
We will celebrate with my mom on New Year's- so more fun to come!!
And we will see Colby's parents in January- YAY!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Proud Daddy!

So I was out at the gym running my butt off trying to get my hot bod back (hahahahaha) and this is a pic Daddy took of his boy!
He's so proud! Especially when he's sporting the Camo!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Let the Fun Begin

So during the past few weeks, Cade had started to kinda smile, but it's a GENUINE smile now.
He is the cutest little guy.
He smiles and "coos" for us all of the time now.
He loves to "talk". He will talk to himself or anyone who will pay attention to him.
It's the most awesome thing to see your baby respond to you.
We spend every evening just staring and laughing with him.

He loves this elephant he got from Nannie and PaPa as one of his Christmas Presents.
It made him laugh!!!! Which in return, made us laugh right back at him! SO CUTE!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Valley

So here is an interesting site for you all.
Living in the valley is an interesting experience.
Nothing surprises us anymore.
People around here that don't have trucks still make-do!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend With Aunt Mandy

What an awesome weekend!!!
Colby's little sister Mandy came to visit us from Dallas. It was the most perfect weekend.
She got here Thursday and stayed till Sunday, not long enough at all.
We did some shopping, we ate a WHOLE lot, the girls went to an Aveda salon for pedicures, we cooked-out, we went to some neat restaurants, we tried on cowboy boots, we experienced the McAllen mall on the weekend, we thought we lost a dog, we laughed, we loved, and we just enjoyed her so much.
It made us realize how much we miss our family and friends.
We appreciate her making the long trip to visit us. She has a huge heart with so much love to give.
And Cade just ADORED Aunt Mandy!! He misses her sooooooo much already!

Proof that Cade has developed a "baby mullet" HAHAHA!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa and Cade

So today Cade met Santa!
He was just SOOOO excited as you can tell!
We had to wake him up for all of the excitement.
I think Colby and I enjoyed the moment more than he did.
But Santa said that Cade sent him a really long list, I just wish I knew what was on that list..... I think he pretty much has all he can handle at this point!
But he sure is a cute cowboy that loves Mr. Santa!
Yee-haw reindeer!! Get moving!

2 Months Old

So lil' Cade turned 2mo old on Dec 9!
Wow, how the time flies!!
Our 2mo check-up showed that Cade is growing like a weed, but he's still a little peanut! I call him our Magnificent Little Munchkin' Man!

Weight: 11.10 lbs (50th percentile), previously 7 something
Length: 22.25 in (25th percentile), previously 19.5 in
Head circumference: 15 in, previously 14 in

The shots were icky. But I really think it's so much worse for us parents than it is for them. And I thought it was awesome that one of the vaccines was oral! And one of the shots had 3 vaccines in one shot! Can you imagine how many times we were stuck 30 years ago when we were babies??? Technology is awesome!!

He just started wearing his 0-3mo clothes.
But he seems so much bigger to us, even though he's really not!!!
He's been eating like a champ. He loves his nightly cereal meal- it's his favorite without a doubt. And he has been sleeping 7-9hrs each night, thank God for that!! The bath has gotten more enjoyable. He used to truly despise baths, but with some great advice from friends and my mom, he has started to really love it. And we love his "talking", he goes on and on forever like he's have a true conversation with us, it's so dang cute.

Oh and he's going bald! It's so funny. He has his hair still on the crown of his head and above his neck. It looks like he has a little mullet. I have been tempted to cut that mullet hair so people don't think we came from some backwoods honky-tonk, but I won't, I promise!!! It's so funny!!!!!!

We are loving having this awesome creation in our life. He's gorgeous, he's perfect, he's sweet, he's a cuddle bug, and he's just so darn cute! Not that I am partial or anything! HA!!