Friday, August 6, 2010

Tough times......

Us Langford's have been through a whirl-wind of crud lately!!!
It started June 27, we decided to stay in McAllen and buy a home.
We found our dream home very quickly and we were so excited.
We began the process, and wow, what a process this has been.
Due to the whole mortgage crisis, getting a loan is like pulling a distally bony impacted wisdom tooth without anesthesia!
Colby and I have credit scores in the mid-high 700s, we have plenty of money in the bank, and we have steady, dependable jobs..... but that's not enough these days!!!!
So we were told we would close today, Aug 6.
Well yesterday I get a call, our mortgage insurance has not approved the appraisal. This appraisal has been done over twice and obviously this woman has no clue what the heck she is doing, lovely!
So obviously our closing date isn't happening today.
But the best part of this is........... ta-da!
We are homeless. Our rent house already has new renters that are moving in Monday!
So today we have packers here, packing our stuff. Tomorrow they move it into Pods.
Then we move to the Drury Suites (which sounds a bit drury to me).
PRAISE GOD we leave for Puerto Vallarta next Wednesday for 5 nights, we will need a break from our suite that's not going to be as sweet as we desire!
So say a prayer for us.
Imagine a 2 room suite with me, Colby, Cade, 2 pugs, and a cat! Wow this adventure may get comical!!!!!!!
We are requesting a new appraisal, by a new appraiser. We will know Monday if this request is granted. Then when we return from PV, hopefully we will have good news. If not, we will move into an apartment till we find another home that we love!
Pray, pray pray!!!!