Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too Cute for Words!

Can it get any cuter!!!!!
Charlee and Kash Wessels- My cousin Jen's angels!
Love them both!

What A Blessing!

What a blessing Colby and I experienced last night!
Colby and I have been a part of a small group for the past year.
The small group is called a Life Group. This group is comprised of individuals within our church, New River Fellowship, that are similar in age and interest as us.
This group has completely changed me and Colby as individuals and as a couple.
Prior to joining, we both claimed to be Christians, but neither of us really walked the walk of a true Christian. We have learned the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ, and what a change it can make in your life. Being friends with Christians, really helps bring out your Christianity in ways you can't imagine!
The individuals in this life group became our friends, our family, and our Christian brothers and sisters! We love each and everyone of them and are so thankful to have them in our lives from now until eternity.
Last night we had the entire gang over to say good-bye to Colby before he leaves for McAllen. It was a very powerful and emotional evening for us. From the prayers, to the kind words some of them expressed, to the laughter and fun we had, it's a night neither of us will ever forget.
Not only did they bring food, but they brought DIAPERS and when i say diapers, I mean A LOT of diapers!!!!! What a blessing!!!!
We will miss each and everyone of them!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Somethings make you go hmmmmm

Somethings make you go hmmmmm.....
Well the past few days have been interesting!
I am growing everyday! I think I am putting on a pound an hour!
My maternity jeans are getting too tight.
My scrubs are cutting off my circulation under my belly.
People all of the sudden are noticing I am pregnant!
And the worse one of all is my LEFT foot!!!
So you are asking, your left foot what???
Well I can barely get my Dansko shoe on. I literally have to stand up and push with every muscle of my body to shove my foot into it.
So I bet you are asking, why don't you just wear flip flops??
Well I can't people! I am a dentist and I have to wear closed toed shoes. So there really is so no solution.
But I am just curious?
Has my foot grown? Or is it just holding a gallon of water??
But most importantly?
Why just my left foot? And will it go away? Or will I be un-even forever?
These are just random pregnant thoughts I knew you would all love to hear!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nuevo Adventure

So just when you think you have done it all...
It bites ya in the butt.

Colby and I will soon begin a Nuevo Adventure.

Who- Me, Colby, Kalvin, Bugslie (Bugslaria), Cosmo (Cosmita), and Cade
What- Colby's PROMOTION- YEA for my hubby!
When- Colby: September 8, Me: Oct 13 or so (yes he is moving a month before me)
Where- McAllen, Texas (the southern tip of Tejas)
Why- Texas DPS said SO!!!!
How- In the car for 12 hours

So if you are confused, we are MOVING!!!
What a shock to us all. We never expected this, especially at this time in our lives!
As you can tell, life is about to get very hectic for us!
So please start to say Hola, Adios, and Buenos Dias to us.
If you need to get away, come see us in McAllen, Mexico, I mean McAllen, TX!

"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine."

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hopefully we will be having the cool birthday of 10-09-08 for Cade!
After drinking some "yummy" Glucola to test for the fun pregnancy diabetes (which I will find out next week if I have), our nurse gave us the cool news...
I will be admitted to Harris Southwest Hospital on 10-08-08 at 8PM to start my elective induction.
Most likely, unless I give birth as fast as I run a mile, I will have Cade on 10-09-08.
I love technology and science!
Now let's all just cross our fingers that I don't go into labor early!!!!!
But if I do, that will be just fine because Cade will be here!!!