Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lots of emotions and confusion

Just a vent post........
Sometimes we wonder why God puts us in situations, we wonder but we know not to fight it because we know it's right.
Oct 2008, being moved to the valley took me and Colby by surprise. We never knew the challenges and difficulties we would encounter. We both had/have major job challenges, our son was (hopefully stays in the past) always sick, we live soooo far from family/friends, we didn't know many people here, and so on and so on. It's been SO tough.
It's really hard for me to complain and whine considering I know we have so many blessings but sometimes I just want to :(
Today has been one of those days.
I am confused, unsure, and just not clear on what my purpose is here any longer.
It's been tough and difficult.
I know I have to keep thanking God for those awesome blessings He has given me and my family. I know I have to keep trucking and keep my head up.
Enough of the saddness, sadly I don't have time to be!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family and Darker

We went to Houston this past weekend and it was too wonderful!!!!!
Friday night I was able to visit an old high school friend Amanda Langston at the FAMOUS Gringo's. It was so great to catch up with her, it seemed like no time had passed! I wish we would have gotten a pic, but hopefully we will see each other soon again!

Then Saturday we attempted pictures with Cade and his 4th cousin Sarah (the 2 babies on my mom's side). Well as you can imagine it was a DISASTER!!!! Sarah was a PERFECT angel and Cade, well, he was HORRIBLE!!!!!!! So we were able to capture many cute pics of Sarah and just one with the two of them, and Cade's expression was the same as when he saw Santa last month. I will post as soon as we get them, just for a good laugh. I hope Cade out-grows this whole separation anxiety thing, it's depressing, embarrassing, and just ridiculous (or RI-DIC and my MIL likes to say)!

Saturday afternoon we had our family all together. It was so great to see everyone. I hadn't seen Kim (my cousin I grew up with, she's almost like a sister to me, I lived with her for a few years when I was little) in over 3 years, my cousin Beth (Kim's sister, bridesmaid in my wedding) since my wedding, Brittnie (Kim's daughter) in over 2 years, Rodney (my 2nd cousin) in about a year, and I had never met Sarah (Brittnie's daughter, newest addition to our family). It was a very nice visit and I truly hope we never go this long again without seeing each other.

Aryn and Anna also came by for a short visit. Anna is a doll. Her hair is getting curly and she makes you melt!

Another high school friend of mine came by as well, and we didn't get a pic either :( Brandy has a 3 yr old baby girl named Ellery. She is the smartest kid I have ever been around. It's amazing all the stuff she knows and can do! But if you know Brandy or if you have read Brandy's husbands abstract about some quite/passive stuff, you would know where she got it from!
Besides the Cowboys losing on Sunday before we flew out, it was a great trip!
Oh the darker part of my title, my hair. It's my natural color with a few highlights on top. I had no idea how dark my hair had gotten. But I love the new look! If you don't like it, well sorry, it's staying :)