Saturday, December 31, 2011

Claire's 1st Road Trip and Merry Christmas from Us!

Claire had her 1st road trip to Austin, Texas for Aunt Carrie's wedding. She was a perfect angel the entire trip and for the entire weekend of fabulous wedding festivities! We even allowed her to have her 1st experience in a photo booth- I think she's a photogenic angel! Daddy and I obviously had a great time too!
And of course- Santa stopped by our house the following weekend.
Gigi, PaPa Chip, and Uncle Jarret came to visit us for the holiday weekend. We kept the Valley tradition and had a Mexican feast on Christmas Eve- consisting of tamales, rice, beans, and of course guac and queso! The power went out on Christmas Eve which allowed for some interesting family bonding and a comical assembly of Cade's bike by "Santa" with a flashlight and wine in hand! Thank God Santa still found our house in the dark!!!! It was an awesome Christmas morning, Cade had a blast, and Claire- well she was so excited that she slept through the entire morning! This was a Christmas weekend I will never forget!

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Hello, I clicked "Next Blog" and came across your blog. I felt that you would like to know if others are seeing your blog.

God bless the Langfords


Over and out

PS I live in CA